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About Affiliate Links and Ads

I don't like ads on websites - I think nobody does. But to cover the costs for this site, I did the least intrusive I can imagine - I have amazon affiliate links, especially in the product-related questions in the FAQ. You were interested in the product anyway - this is just an offer where you could (not must) buy it. This wont cost you anything more than if you would order it not via this link - so you lose nothing. I would get a small percentage though. I'm trying this and see how it works out. -- I tried and while there are a few people really using my links to order even random stuff - thanks for that! I really appreciate it! - at the current rate this brings as nowhere near in a year to what the cost for the next year would be. I started adding some Google ads and we'll see how that works out. I'll report back in a few month. Thanks for understanding :-)

If you want to support this website or my work, just buy via those links. If you want to buy something else (you can buy almost everything on amazon), use this link and the same thing applies. Wont cost you a cent more, but you help keep the site up.

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