CTFxC Merch

There are a lot of shirts, hoodies and other stuff for you to order. In the early days, Charles and Alli did their merch themselves, with hours of packing & labeling and bringing multiple car loads to the post office. This had some nice aspects - seeing where all this merch is going to in the world. But it became too much too handle, so DFTBA took over the handling of the merch.

Important - since there are already shops out there selling fake merch - only buy from the sites listed here:

  • DFTBA Shop - CTFxCmerch.com - Shirts, Hoodies, Posters, Phone cases,... - CTFxCmerch.com redirects you right to the CTFxC stuff in the DFTBA Shop

"How to order Merch"

There is a lot of confusion everytime something new hits the store, so this is a little "guide" to maybe see through this jungle... :)

  • "pre-order" - Usually on new articles. This means, that at the time you order this, the item is not yet at the warehouse. You order it now, and as soon as the warehouse receives the items, they start shipping out. Usually, there is a notice in red to indicate an estimated shipping date (e.g. "This item has an estimated early April ship date"). This means: You order now, and you have to wait to early April until this ships. Please note the word "estimate". It could be earlier than that, it could be later than that. But it should be around that date. Do not wait to order something until it would be in the warehouse - it could be sold out by then. Popular designs sell out way before they start shipping.
  • "backorder" - Usually on articles that sold out. This means they decided to make more of this item and placed an order to get more - but it is not yet in the warehouse. You can already order it though. Other than that, the rest of "pre-order" applies here. Estimated date, and could sell out before.

  • "It is still not sent!" - Keep in mind, very large new orders/backorders take some time to process and ship them all out. You can't send 10.000 items in a day...

  • "My Country does not use US$" - That does not matter. PayPal converts it automatically into your local currency.

  • "Does DFTBA ship to my country?" - Probably, they ship worldwide. The shipping costs will be calculated once PayPal knows which address to ship to.

  • "How long does it take until I get my order?" - once it ships out (see "pre-order", "backorder") and you get the shipping e-mail, it usually takes 7-14 busiess days in U.S. and 14-30 business days internationally. In my experience, it is faster most of the time, but keep in mind that it could take that long.

  • "I haven't received anything yet. Is this a scam?" - No, I can tell you that this is not a scam. Please see "pre-order" or "backorder" and shipping times. If you are above this time, email DFTBA. Otherwise, your order is probably still on its way.

  • "I live outside the U.S. - Do I have to pay taxes, duty, VAT?" - That depends on your local import/tax laws. Usually many countries have a small limit - under this cost, you wont be charged anything. It could be that a single shirt is fine, but 2 hoodies trigger extra tax. You have to look into your local laws.